About Us

In the beginning….

At a time when specialty cakes houses were far and in between, the idea of just walking into a cake house, having a piece of cake while enjoying your favourite beverage was a treat indeed. Berry’s opened its doors in 1994, and specialized in a variety of cakes that were crowd pullers. Known across the Klang Valley for its signature cakes, our specialty offerings included all-time favourites such as Blueberry, Blackforests, Pandan Layer cakes complemented by our delectable mini fruit tarts. This in essence is the beginning of Berry’s.

The name Berry’s carries with it a sense of value, an identity that’s designed to stand the test of time. The name is a tribute to children, as the name Berry’s was chosen amongst various others as their favourite name. Berries of all sorts are also delightful healthy treats. Berry’s represents all that we believe in, and is a testament to these ideals.

The journey…

What started off as a specialty cake house began to evolve to include more products of desirable quality. Buns, breads and other pastries began to make their way into the counters as customers demanded more variety. Change was inevitable. This was the time when Berry’s first tinkered with the idea of a café cum cake house.

The year 1998, Berry’s paved new grounds as one of the first few bakeries to make and sell its very own Tiramisu cakes. A once delicacy only served in high end restaurants was now made available to the public at large. This was an instant hit with customers as many travelled far just to sample the once rare treat. The year also witnessed the increase of more pastries, buns and breads to meet customers’ demand.

Berry’s continued to break new grounds, when in 1999, it captivated the market with its Durian Fest. Berry’s has the distinction of being the first bakery to bake and market durian based products, with signature market favourites such as Durian Chiffon Cake, Durian Egg Tarts, Durian Butter & Cream Cake. Creating quite the market stir, customers formed long queues just to get a taste of this hotly talked about delicacies. Berry’s innovativeness to cater to the local palate presented the opportunity to distinguish Berry’s as a trend setter amongst local bakeries; even attracting the press for a personal interview with Berry’s representatives.

Continuing with its pioneering tradition, in the year 2000, Berry’s introduced the market to the blueberry cheese tart, which continues to be a hit with customers, as people from far and near make planned journeys to Berry’s for this popular crowd favourite.

The year 2004, marked Berry’s breakthrough move into the world of advance baking techniques. Utilising, international baking methods from Taiwan, these efforts brought a new era into product development, and added a complete different dimension to Berry’s production line in terms of quality and quantity.

Looking ahead…

Today, Berry’s is trademark synonymous with Quality and Customer Satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence comes with over 20 years of combined baking experience, coupled with uncompromising standards in quality and satisfaction. Combining time honoured baking practises and in-depth industry know-how, we have stayed ahead in the game while keeping our customers satisfied. Our longevity stems from our spirit of pioneering and innovation; a trait that has given us the edge in a competitive and discerning industry.

At the core of our value system, remain the ideals of our founder; to be one with the people whom we serve. This simple yet profound value has seen Berry’s aggressively expanding with new outlets in PJ, Puchong and throughout the Klang Valley, much to the delight of our loyal customer base. The journey doesn’t stop here though; our efforts to spread Berry’s joy will see us expand even further.


Our vision is guided by our commitment towards providing quality in all our products, to meet and even exceed the expectations of our clientele. Our belief; taste, texture, freshness and what we like to call “eye-candy” are what appeals to our loyal customers. Hence we strive towards quality ingredients complimented by our customer centric approach. To this end, we are relentless when it comes to staff training and development. At the back end, our bakers are trained to deliver cakes, breads and pastries of the most desirable quality. Whilst at the front, customers will be greeted by our highly professional yet friendly staffwhoare trained to engage you in an informative manner that helps you with your choice cakes and patisseries.

These are in essence, the Berry’s Bond; the philosophy that forms the foundation of our social responsibility, to provide significant value to society and accountability to our stakeholders.