Loaf Cakes & Pastries
Pure & Authentic Taste

There’s an artisan’s passion, skill and dedication behind every loaf of Berry’s product

Banana Cake
Butter cake Loaf
Marble Loaf
Chocolate walnut loaf
Chocolate Chip loaf
Chocolate Rice Sponge
Sponge Mix Loaf
Sponge Mix Loaf
Pandan Layer Cake
Tropical Fruit Cake
Marble Marjerine
Pandan Chiffon
Swiss Rolls
Swiss Rolls
Swiss Rolls
Golden Lemon
Honey Marble Slice
Green Tea Castella
Honey Cheese Cake
Hokkaido Cake
Raisin Scone
Mini Custard Puff
UFO Chicken Floss (Normal)
UFO Chicken Floss (Spicy)
UFO Chocolate